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ArtDeco Backgammon is available on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch


a classic game

Play the game of Backgammon on your iOS device solo or with friends. 

The ArtDeco theme of the game ties in with the history of Backgammon as it grew and evolved in the New York clubs and societies of the 1920s. In an effort to capture this essence we bring you the game of Backgammon in the
timeless style of ArtDeco.

With multiple levels of AI to suit beginners and more advanced players, many features make gameplay feel intuitive and easy, including the option to undo a move and visual guides to suggest available moves.

You can challenge other players with the Peer to Peer multiplayer functionality included in the game. Using GameCenter for online play, and Bluetooth connections for games with other local iOS devices.

game features

  • Pass and Play with a friend
  • Peer to Peer play over bluetooth
  • Online multiplayer via GameCenter 
  • Free & Paid version available
  • 4 AI Levels
  • Languages include English, Swedish

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